What I Did For Love

What I Did For Love is the 2006 Hallmark Channel Christmas movie starring Jeremy London, Dorie Barton, James Gammon, Steve Monroe, Chase Hoyt, Jonny Acker, John Littlefield, Sally Struthers, James Lashly, James Edson, Bruce Nozick, Rhino Michaels, Rod McCary, Jeanette O’Connor and Damani Roberts.

Up and coming LA lawyer, James White receives a large Christmas bonus and receives a pep talk about being a partner. After his big day, James goes home and proposes to his longtime girlfriend, Sadie. She is excited but disappointed at the same time about the proposal. She is disappointed because James has not talked to her dad about it and he has not met her ranching family. James and Sadie go to the ranch for Christmas. James has a rough time fitting in and this leads to many mishaps as James tries to prove he is worthy of Sadie to Mr. Ryder. It does not help that Aunt Trudy is trying to set Sadie back up with Clint, Sadie’s high school boyfriend. This competition and James’s desire to fit in leads to near disaster for both James and Mr. Ryder. In the end, James proves he is worthy to Mr. Ryder and he is accepted by the family. James realizes how important family is and decides to turn down a partnership at his LA law firm and make his new life with Sadie in Pine Gap.

What I Did For Love is a simple but well made country Christmas movie. What I Did For Love has several great themes including family reconciliation and the importance of family. I love the interaction of the characters in the movie and this is strengthened by the good acting. The scenery in the movie is second to none. The wide open spaces of the ranch with mountains as a backdrop is breath taking. What I Did For Love is a must see Christmas movie. This is one that the whole family should watch together.

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