Kevin Takes On The Wet Bandits

Home Alone is the 1990 classic Christmas movie produced by John Hughes, directed by Chris Columbus and composed by John Williams. The film stars Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, John Heard and Catherine O’Hara. Eight year old Kevin McCallister and his family are supposed to be going to Paris for Christmas. Kevin wishes his family would disappear and he appears to get his wish. He enjoys his time alone until the Wet Bandits show up in the neighborhood and he has to defend his house.

The McCallister’s are frantically getting ready for their Christmas vacation to Paris. Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) is not enjoying the experience as he is being picked on by his older siblings and cousins and ends up being sent to the attic when he tries to retaliate against his older brother, Buzz (Devin Ratray). Kevin wishes that his entire family would disappear. Later that evening a winter storm blows through the area and knocks the power out to the neighborhood and as a result the McCallister’s oversleep for their flight to Paris. In the rush to get to the airport, Kevin is left behind by his family. Kevin awakens to find that his wish came true.

Kevin goes nuts when he realizes that his wish came true. Kate (Catherine O’Hara), Kevin’s mom, realizes mid air that they forgot Kevin. Once Kate and Peter (John Heard), Kevin’s dad, land in Paris, they attempt to no avail to get a hold of Kevin or some of their neighbors. Kate waits at the airport in hopes of getting an early flight home, while the rest of the family goes to Peter’s brother Rob’s Paris apartment.

Meanwhile Kevin goes crazy with his new found freedom including raiding and nearly destroying Buzz’s room and pigging out on junk food while watching old gangster flicks. His fun is interrupted when the police come by to check on him and when he runs into Old Man Marley (Roberts Blossom), a neighbor rumored to have killed his entire family. The worst of the interruptions is when the Wet Bandits, two thieves staking out the neighborhood, try to break in thinking no one is home.

Kevin continues to get into mischief and once again manages to drive the Wet Bandits off. This time he makes it look like a large Christmas party is going on at his house. Kate gets a flight back to the United States. Meanwhile Kevin goes grocery shopping and manages to drive away the Wet Bandits once again, this time using one of his gangster movies and firecrackers.

Kevin’s mom makes it to Scranton, PA and manages to hitch a ride with Gus Polinski (John Candy) and the polka band, The Kenosha Kickers. Kevin overhears the Wet Bandits talking about their plans to comeback that evening to rob the place. Kevin decides to fight back since he is the man of the house. He begins his evening by going to see Santa Claus and to ask him for his family back. He then goes to church and runs into Old Man Marley again, who he learns is a very nice old man and the rumors are not true. Kevin then goes home and implements his defense plan for the evening.

The Wet Bandits, Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern), show up just as Kevin sets down to a Christmas Eve dinner of macaroni and cheese. As the Wet Bandits attack the house, they proceed to spring every one of Kevin’s booby traps in the house and it is not pretty for them. As Harry and Marv force Kevin to the second floor of his house, he calls 911. Kevin then escapes out of the house and runs next door to a neighbor’s house. Unfortunately for Kevin, the Wet Bandits are waiting for him so they can exact their revenge on him. Fortunately for Kevin, Old Man Marley shows up and knocks out Marv and Harry with a snow shovel and then takes Kevin home. A short time later the police show up and arrest the Wet Bandits.

Kevin is disappointed the next morning when he awakens to find the house still empty. Shortly afterwards, his mom arrives and then the rest of his family. Kevin is glad his family is back home and they are glad to see him and amazed he didn’t burn down the house. The movie ends with Kevin seeing that Old Man Marley and his family reconciled and then Buzz discovering what Kevin had done to his room.

Home Alone is one of the best Christmas movies ever made and is a true classic. The movie starts out with the very memorable John Williams composed theme song and the memorable and simple blue house with one light on. When Kevin wakes up to discover that his family has disappeared, he has perhaps some of the best morning hair ever. Besides the scenes where the Wet Bandits spring all of Kevin’s booby traps, two of the funniest scenes in the movie involve Kevin getting ready in the morning and then screaming when he puts on aftershave. Got to love Kevin’s scream when he puts on the aftershave. Home Alone is full of great Christmas lights and decorations. The most touching scene in the movie is when Kevin goes to Church and he and Old Man Marley get to know one another. The big church with the Christmas choir is very inspiring. Home Alone has a great Christmas soundtrack including John William’s theme song and such Christmas favorites as Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, White Christmas, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree and Run Rudolph Run. If you are looking for a classic Christmas movie to add tour your Christmas movie collection, then Home Alone is a must add.

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