Kevin Takes On The Sticky Bandits

The McCallisters are preparing to go to Miami for Christmas. This time Kevin makes it to airport but ends up on a flight to New York instead of Miami. In New York, Kevin takes on the recently escaped Sticky Bandits, the former Wet Bandits, as they try to steal Christmas from kids at a Children’s Hospital. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York stars Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, Catherine O’Hara and John Heard. The movie was directed by Chris Columbus, written and produced by John Hughes and composed by John Williams.

The McCallister’s are getting ready for a Christmas trip to Miami, Florida. Before they go the family goes to the McCallister kid’s school Christmas play where Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) proceeds to get himself into trouble and get sent to the attic as a result. The McCallister’s once again sleep, but this time Kevin makes it onto the Airport vans. Things go wrong at the airport and Kevin ends up on a flight to New York City instead of Miami.

Kevin quickly realizes that he is New York City when he looks out the airport windows. Kevin’s family finds out when he is not present at the airport to get his luggage. Kevin begins a sightseeing trip around New York City while Kevin’s parents tell the Miami police about the situation. Kevin ends up at the Plaza Hotel where he gets a room under false pretenses. Meanwhile, the Sticky Bandits, the former Wet Bandits, show up in New York City having escaped from prison.

Mr. Hector (Tim Curry), a concierge at the Plaza Hotel, is suspicious of Kevin and he discovers that the credit card Kevin used is listed as stolen. Meanwhile, Kevin takes a hotel limo and goes shopping at Duncan’s Toy Chest on Christmas Eve. Kevin finds out that the proceeds of Christmas Eve will be given to a children’s hospital. After leaving the store Kevin runs into Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern), of the Sticky Bandits, who are planning to rob Duncan’s Toy Chest. Harry and Marv chase Kevin back to the Plaza hotel, where he is chased by the hotel staff. Kevin manages to escape the hotel, but jumps right into the hands of Harry and Marv. Kevin manages to escape the Sticky manages and then heads to his Uncle Rob’s apartment, which he finds empty.

Not knowing what to do, Kevin takes a walk through Central Park where he runs into the Bird Lady (Brenda Fricker). They get some hot chocolate and listen to the orchestra perform in Carnegie Hall in a storage room above the concert hall. Kevin vows to make up for his wrongs during the year and decides to stop the Sticky Bandits from stealing from the children. He heads to his uncle’s empty townhouse and implements Operation HoHoHo. Meanwhile Kate (Catherine O’Hara) and Peter (John Heard) McCallister and the rest of the family arrive in New York City.

Kevin heads to Duncan’s Toy Chest and interrupts Harry and Marv robbing it. He sets off the alarm system by throwing a brick through the window and gets the Sticky Bandits to chase him back to his uncle’s empty townhouse. Harry and Marv proceed to trip all of Kevin’s booby traps in the house without catching Kevin. Kevin escapes down a rope and heads to a pay phone and calls 911 and tells the Police that the Wet Bandits are in Central Park. Marv and Harry give chase and catch Kevin when he slips on some ice. They take him into Central Park where they run afoul of the Bird Lady. Kevin escapes and the police show up and capture Marv and Harry. At Duncan’s Toy Chest, Mr. Duncan (Eddie Bracken) gets Kevin’s note about his role in stopping the robbery.

Meanwhile Kate is out searching for Kevin in the city. In her search she happens across two police officers in Times Square, and one of them advises her to think of where Kevin would go in the city. She remembers Kevin’s love of Christmas trees. Kevin goes to Rockefeller Center to see its famous Christmas tree. He makes a wish that he could see his family again. As he finishes his wish his mom shows up.

On Christmas morning a truckload of gifts arrives at the Plaza Hotel from Duncan’s Toy Chest. The McCallister’s awake and find a Christmas tree filled with presents. While the family is opening their gifts, Kevin goes to Central Park and gives the Bird Lady one of the turtledove ornaments that he had gotten from Mr. Duncan in remembrance of their friendship. The movie ends with Cedric (Rob Schneider), a Plaza Hotel bellhop, delivering Kevin’s room service bill to the McCallister’s room.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is an excellent sequel to Home Alone and a true classic Christmas movie in its own right. I like the opening credits with the blue house and the memorable John Williams composed theme song. The movie has severable memorable scenes including; the shot from the Twin Towers out across New York City, the view from the inside of Carnegie Hall, the scene where Kevin goes by the Children’s Hospital and a little boy in a window waves at him and the Christmas Tree and decorations at Rockefeller Center. Just as Home Alone did, Home Alone 2 has a great soundtrack hat has such Christmas favorites as A Holly Jolly Christmas, Jingle Bell Rock, It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas and The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. I like the cameo appearances by Donald Trump, Ally Sheedy and Bob Eubanks. The best part of the movie as in Home Alone is when Harry and Marv work their way through all of Kevin booby traps. If you liked Home Alone or you like Christmas movies, then Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is a must add to your Christmas movie collection.

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